Introducing Hoypower's
Outdoor Liquid-cooling
Battery Cabinet

Energy Storage Solutions

Flexible and High-Performance

Based on state-of-the-art battery technology, we provide the most reliable energy storage solutions to meet every customer’s different needs.


Outdoor All-in-One Energy Storage System

Fully integrated battery,PCS,BMS,fire extinguish system and liquid-cooling system .

Modular and Scalability.


Residential Energy Storage System

High and Low Voltage solutions to meet different power needs
Modular Design, Stack for More Energy
Up to 6 modules for one Battey Cabinet


C&I Energy Storage System

Integrated liquid-cooling system and fire protection system.

Modular and Scalability.


Utility Energy Storage System

Integrated high-efficiency liquid-cooling system.

Non-walk-in/modular design with high integration.

Modular design for the 1,500V system.

Hoypower Battery Stack

Liquid-Cooling Energy Storage System

Intelligent liquid cooling ensures higher efficiency
and longer battery cycle life

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