All-in-One liquid-cooling BESS

All-in-One Solution: Battery packs, charge controller, BMS, EMS and PCS with highly efficient three-level topology integrated into one unit to maximize the efficiency of the system.

Safe and Reliable

Integrated with fire system isolation, cutting-edge liquid-cooling technology and combustible gas detection, as well as heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system to ensure safety and controllability.


Plug-and-play, turnkey solution
Can be flexibly scaled to accommodate any energy needs

Intelligent and user-friendly

Combined with high-level consistency of cells and  powerful BMS computing, enables the restoring of a stable power grid, optimization of the power output curve and reduction of solar curtailment, increasing the proportion of renewable energy used.

A wide range of applications

From 100KW/215KWh to 1MW/2.15MWH

designed for small to medium size commercial and industrial energy storage and microgrid applications.

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