Another Successful Grid Connection for Hoypower: 50MW Fishery-Photovoltaic Project

Recently, the 50MW Fishery-Photovoltaic Complementary Project located in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, was successfully connected to the grid and commenced power generation. This milestone was made possible with the deployment of a 32MWh energy storage system by Hoypower.

Backed by an investment of 250 million RMB, this project boasts a capacity of 50MW, coupled with a state-of-the-art 16MW/32MWh energy storage system. However, the project also faced several challenges due to its installation in a damp aquatic environment, where humidity levels often surpassed 90%. To address this, Hoypower provided the 1500V high-voltage liquid-cooled energy storage system, fortified with IP55
protection and C5 corrosion resistance, alongside advanced dehumidification features. Additionally, rigorous environmental testing was conducted before implementation, including simulations of high temperature, high humidity, and high salt spray, ensuring optimal performance in any condition.

Housed within a 20-foot container, Hoypower’s compact energy storage system, seamlessly integrates battery systems to deliver exceptional efficiency and durability, characterized by low LCOS and an extended lifespan. Our commitment to safety, intelligence, and efficiency is
unwavering throughout the entire process, encompassing cell selection, product design, performance testing, installation convenience, and ongoing operation and maintenance. 

The completion of the 50MW Fishery-Photovoltaic Complementary Project marks another pivotal achievement for Hoypower on its journey towards a cleaner future. Hoypower remains committed to the best energy storage solutions, focusing on innovation and the practical application of energy storage technology.

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