Hoypower Wins Bid for Section 2 in Shandong High-speed ESS Procurement Framework Agreement

Recently, Shandong High-speed Energy Development Co., Ltd. released the shortlist of candidates for the procurement of energy storage system framework agreements. Hoypower successfully secured qualification for Section 2.

This project, situated in Shandong, comprises two sections: the first section involves a 400MWh centralized control energy storage system, while the second section features a 200MWh distributed modular energy storage system. The actual procurement volume will be tailored to project needs, with a framework bidding period lasting one year.

Established on February 28, 2020, Shandong High-speed Energy Development Co., Ltd. operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong High-speed Group. It is committed to expanding the transportation industry chain, optimizing and upgrading the
energy and chemical sectors. The company specializes in developing and utilizing high-end green chemical products, new energy sources and innovative materials.

Hoypower will supply lithium iron phosphate energy storage systems, encompassing production, transportation, quality assurance, and comprehensive after-sales services.

This successful bid highlights Hoypower’s expertise in the energy storage sector. Looking ahead, Hoypower remains committed to innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology and superior products to drive high-quality development in the power industry. Collaborating closely with our customers, we aim to foster the creation of a new era of power systems and bolster the transition to renewable energy.

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