Hoypower powers the operation of an Integrated Solar & BESS in Anhui, China

The PV power plant coupled with energy storage project in Anhui, China was successfully achieved grid-connection. This project, invested and constructed by the Huainan Mining Electric Power, is the company’s first energy storage project.

Leveraging innovative floating PV technology and energy storage technology, the project boasts 84.09MWp of solar panels installed on the water’s surface, complemented by a 12.2MW/24.4MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). By ingeniously repurposing idle water surfaces from abandoned coal mines, the project seamlessly integrates clean energy, heralding a transformative shift towards sustainability.

Hoypower provided the project with a total capacity of 13.33MW/26.66MWh including 4 robust utility-scale liquid-cooled BESS units-HoyPrime. It is worth mentioning that HoyPrime, is an innovative solution tailored for large power stations, independent energy storage applications, and other scenarios, widely used worldwide. Hoypower recently has launched a new generation of 5MW/10MWh fully liquid-cooled large-scale energy storage systems, achieving further improvement in overall efficiency, performance, and safety by integrating liquid-cooled PCS to meet the growing market demand.

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