HOYPOWER' outdoor liquid-cooling energy storage system

An energy storage project powered by HOYPOWER’s system has commenced grid-connected operation

We are proud to announce that on May 28th, a 50MW “agriculture-photovoltaic-energy storage” integrated project in which HOYPOWER participated, successfully commenced full-capacity grid-connected power generation in Zhangye, Gansu.

In this key agricultural photovoltaic complementary demonstration project, HOYPOWER contributed an energy storage system with a capacity of 10MW/20MWh. Equipping the energy storage solution can effectively regulate the power grid and ensure the stability of power supply.

Serving as a key demonstration project for agricultural photovoltaic complementary development, the project will effectively reduce regional carbon emissions and invigorate the local economy.

We sincerely appreciate all collaborators for making this project a success, especially the investor, Gansu Yanwei New Energy and the contractor, Tongjing New Energy. We are looking forward to more partnerships that will advance the transition to sustainable energy.

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