HOYPOWER Commences Construction of Energy Storage System Manufacturing Base in Lishui, China.

On June 8th, HOYPOWER officially initiated the construction of its 10 GWh energy storage system manufacturing base in Lishui, China.

With a total investment of 8 billion yuan, the ambitious project comprises three sub-projects: a 2.45-billion-yuan energy storage system integration base, a 4.65-billion-yuan centralized photovoltaic power generation station, and a 900-million-yuan energy storage power station. The Lishui manufacturing project is a crucial part of HOYPOWER’s strategic development layout. By now the company has formed a comprehensive industrial layout including PACK, BMS, EMS, and PCS, covering all core equipment manufacturing ends except for battery cells with the help of group resources.

The new manufacturing base will adopt cutting-edge design concepts and introduce intelligent manufacturing equipment, optimizing workshop layouts and processes with and emphasize on energy conservation and environmental protection.

Upon completion and commencement of operations, the project will contribute to HOYPOWER’s expansion in the global market and enhance its overall international competitiveness. The greatly increased manufacturing capacity for energy storage system will meet the demands of both domestic and foreign customers, providing a reliable guarantee for the company’s global business layout.

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