Hoypower Completes UL 9540A, UL1973 and IEC62619 Testing and Achieves Certification to UL 9540A,UL1973 and IEC62619 for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Hoypower, a leading provider of battery energy storage systems, has announced the completion of UL 1973, UL 9540A, and IEC 62619 testing and certification. These achievements mark significant safety milestones for the company and demonstrate its commitment to providing safer energy storage technology for its customers.

UL 9540A testing evaluates the risk of thermal runaway and fire propagation in battery energy storage systems, with progressively larger-scale fire tests conducted at the cell, module, and unit levels. Hoypower’s Energy Storage systems completed UL 9540A testing at the cell level with no flames observed during induced thermal runaway, confirming the company’s proven battery chemistry as a leading option for customers concerned with eliminating the possibility of fires or thermal hazards at their grid-scale installations.

In addition, Hoypower’s Energy Storage was certified to UL 1973, which applies to stationary batteries and certifies the ability of a battery system to safely operate under normal and abnormal conditions relative to electrical, mechanical, and environmental safety. The company’s achievement of this certification confirms its safety claims and satisfies a requirement for the deployment of grid-scale and commercial energy storage systems.

Hoypower also completed IEC 62619 testing, which evaluates the performance and safety of secondary lithium-ion cells for use in industrial applications. The company’s successful completion of this testing demonstrates its commitment to providing high-quality, safe, and reliable energy storage solutions to its customers.

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